Order Deadline

Q. Can I order after my deadline date?

Q. How long will my images be available for purchase?

Order Status

Q. Where can I find my order status?

Q. How can I confirm you've received my order?

Billing Questions

Q. How is tax calculated?

Q. Is the website secure?

Q. Do the billing and shipping addresses have to be the same?

Q. How is shipping calculated?

Q. Where do I find my coupon code?

Shipping Times

Q. I ordered the download for a digital product. When will I receive the link?

Q. When will I receive my CD?

Q. When will I receive my Prints, Plaques, and Framed Prints?


Q. Can the images on my account have any type of retouching done to them?

Q. If I am not satisfied with your digital products can I be refunded?

Q. Can my blurry (out of focus) photo be corrected?

Q. I cropped my images but they did not look the same during checkout. Did the cropping save?

Q. What is the resolution of the images on the CD and the Digital Download?

Q. How do I download my video clip?

General Questions

Q. Can I order from more than 1 runner account at once?

Q. I have found additional photos of me in my friend's account, how do I add these photos to my account?

Q. Can you put all of our family or group's photos on 1 acct?

Q. There should be more photos of me.

Q. When will my photos be posted?

Q. When will my videos be posted?

Q. How do I preview my videos clips?

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